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The Origin of the Deposit Study

The Origin of the “Deposit Study”

McGuire Performance Solutions, Inc. (MPS) officially dates back to 1995, but the date of the “vision” behind the company goes back as early as 1988. Like all good business ventures, it all started with a need…

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Inflation Monetary Policy, and Deposit Rates

Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Deposit Rates

If you are looking for a simple answer – and a simple solution – to why we have a distressingly high and sustained inflation rate, I need to warn you that you will be greatly disappointed…

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Meet Nan Dong - MVRA's AVP

Meet The Team: Nan Dong

Nan Dong is the new Assistant Vice President, Quantitative Analyst on the Risk Management team at MountainView Risk and Analytics. With a Master’s degree in mathematics and data science,…

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Deposit Snapshot: August 2022

Deposit Market Snapshot: August 2022

There is an old curse, allegedly Chinese but more likely English, “May you live in interesting times.” From a macroeconomist’s perspective, the periods around the financial crisis and…

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Liquidity Risk Management Today

Liquidity Risk Management Today

The COVID-19 pandemic (and government stimulus programs) has left the U.S. banking industry flushed with excess liquidity…

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