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Our deposit analysis provides management with insight to help with strategic decisions on interest rate risk, pricing, funds management and liquidity risk.

Our deposit analysis solutions empower clients by providing the necessary tools and quantitative answers to an institution’s deposit balances, repricing, and run-off behavior. This allows management to confidently leverage this information for balance sheet decision making. Our teams utilize a custom application of leading methodologies such as the patented MountainView Advanced Assessment Methodology (AAM) and structured vintage retention analysis, etc. This analysis provides precise, econometric-based, quantified forecasts of balances supplied, repricing, average life, retention of existing balances, and value related behaviors using the Institution’s historical data. In addition, the analysis provides insight into historic repricing behaviors and liquidity by assessing trends by insurance coverage, stability and client concentration.

Deposit Analysis Services

Over 25 Years

Robust database and experience with over 25 years of data collection and delivery deposit studies

Managing Deposit Pricing to Mitigate Balance Sheet Risk: A Definitive Guide

Attracting and keeping deposits is always challenging in a highly competitive environment. COVID-19 is presenting an array of new trials related to monitoring deposit pricing, as well as creating an effective model to govern pricing strategy and mitigate risk. This guide looks at best practices in data-gathering and model design for institutions, particularly banks and credit unions with assets from $250 million to $2 billion.
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