Model Validation

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We help establish the highest levels of business and regulatory confidence needed to fully utilize a model as a performance management and risk analysis tool.

Financial models are an essential element of any healthy financial institution, however potential failures or misuse of these models can present great risk. Erroneous guidance from an inaccurate model can lead to lost opportunities or other negative consequences. Periodic model validations can help you mitigate model risk, address this scrutiny and make more confident decisions.

Model Validation Services


Average over 180 model validations annually

The Definitive Guide to CECL

The Current Expected Credit Loss accounting standard, known as CECL, represents the most significant accounting change the industry has ever seen. Institutions must completely transform not just the way they keep the books, but how they manage their entire business. This guide explains how the new standard works, what is required to comply, the biggest challenges involved and how institutions can proactively address the new standard.
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