Loan Prepayments

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Our loan prepayment analysis provides financial institutions with critical insights used to anticipate, manage, and more accurately forecast earnings, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and ACL under CECL.

MountainView delivers loan prepayment analyses and reports that meet institution specific business, regulatory, and budget needs. Our patented methodology uses an econometric approach to analyzing pools of historic category level loan data in a custom designed simultaneous equations system. Our comprehensive assessment recognizes financial influences, borrower attributes and prevailing economic conditions. The forecasts of estimated prepayments adjust to unique current conditions, prescribed economic variables and / or various rate scenarios.

Loan Prepayment Services

Provides ongoing report updates and back tests to verify forecast accuracy and ensure regulatory acceptance

The Definitive Guide to CECL

The Current Expected Credit Loss accounting standard, known as CECL, represents the most significant accounting change the industry has ever seen. Institutions must completely transform not just the way they keep the books, but how they manage their entire business. This guide explains how the new standard works, what is required to comply, the biggest challenges involved and how institutions can proactively address the new standard.
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