Our Story

MountainView's Mission

Founded by industry legend, Bill McGuire, MountainView Risk & Analytics’ team of industry experts is dedicated to providing leading model risk management and core deposit solutions that help financial institutions identify, rate, and optimize risk, building better, more profitable businesses.
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Why MountainView

Seamless Approach

Our deep understanding of the landscape and methodologies used by financial institutions enables us to jump right in and support our clients needs without tedious onboarding or education.

Deposit Leaders

We are leaders in deposit studies, conducting more than 170 a year using our proprietary and patented methodology that has been vetted over multiple rate cycles.

Seasoned Practitioners

We’re more than advisors, we’re practitioners, averaging 20+ years of first-hand experience working in some of the leading financial institutions in the country and 10+ years supporting those institutions through model validation and core deposit solutions.

Model Experts

We are experts on the models our clients use, performing more than 180 model validations a year and licensing the majority of the models we validate.

Our Values

Customer First:

Our customers are at the center of everything we do.

Operate With Passion:

We love this industry and are committed to seeing it advance.

Integrity In All:

We strive to do the right thing, always.

Committed To Quality:

What we do, we do it well.

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