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Market Summary : 1Q 2024

Today I will start with a somewhat different perspective on the U.S. history of GDP. Typically we examine the level of GDP and how it compares with potential GDP. Chart 1, instead, presents the annual growth rate in GDP over the longest range possible. Why the change? Emphasize two points. First, the graph suggests that in the post-WWII era, we have maintained a roughly constant rate of growth in GDP, roughly 2.5 percent. And second, the variability in the growth rate has declined dramatically. In the last 40 years, we have had 4 recessions. In the prior 40 years, we had 8 recessions. Recessions appear to be about equally long over the entire period, on average slightly less than 1 year, but expansions have more than doubled in length, from less than 4 years to about 8.5 years.

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Deposit Market Webinar July 2023

Listen to our Quarterly Deposit Market update as the MVRA team, Dr. Richard Sheehan, Christine Mills, and Syed Ali, discuss the impact from the economic environment on the current deposit marketplace and examine national first quarter deposit behaviors and insights from our own deposit clients.

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Market Summary : 2Q 2023

Let me start with a quick summary of the macroeconomy. Inflation continues its slow decline, and we still have a nontrivial probability of a recession within the next six months. Sound familiar? It should. It has been my statement for almost a year with my most likely forecast being that inflation would decline slowly…

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Deposit Market Snapshot December 2022

Deposit Market Snapshot: December 2022

There is an old curse, allegedly Chinese but more likely English, “May you live in interesting times.” From a macroeconomist’s perspective, the periods around the financial crisis and…

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The Origin of the Deposit Study

The Origin of the “Deposit Study”

McGuire Performance Solutions, Inc. (MPS) officially dates back to 1995, but the date of the “vision” behind the company goes back as early as 1988. Like all good business ventures, it all started with a need…

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