Model Risk Management

Our expertise can help your institution develop or broaden your model risk management framework.

Financial institutions increasing reliance on models to drive an ever-widening scope of decision making makes an effective model risk management framework imperative. Regulatory requirements coupled with big data and advanced analytics are increasing model complexity and widening model use. The stakes have increased, requiring tighter processes and more consistency across the organization to manage all model risk.

Model Risk Management Services

- Model Risk Management Program Development

- Model Risk Management Gap Analysis

- Model Risk Management Program Review

- Model Documentation Development or Completion

- Liquidity Risk Management Review

- Policy Enhancements or Reviews

- ALCO or Board Training

SR 11-7

SR 11-7, FIL 22-2017 and OCC 2011-12 compliant with emphasis on efficiency

The Definitive Guide to Managing Liquidity Risk

This guide examines the key elements of a comprehensive liquidity risk management framework. We provide insight into advanced industry practices to develop a platform of fine-tuned, holistic management strategies that balance the need for liquidity with profitability.

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