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Managing model Risk Responsibilities for Vendor Models

Managing Model Risk Responsibilities for Vendor Models

Financial institutions often rely on third parties to meet their model development needs, especially in the case of smaller institutions…

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Meet The Team: Bradley Myles

Bradley Myles is the new Senior Vice President of Content Analysis at MountainView Risk and Analytics leading focused on validating statistical and quantitative models. Bradley is a highly-skilled financial professional with more…

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Deposit Analysis

Deposit Market Snapshot: December 2021

The best way to characterize my view of the economy is one of cautious optimism. GDP continues to grow at a moderate rate; the unemployment rate has fallen sharply while employment has risen dramatically; consumption and retail sales are relatively strong, and monetary and fiscal policies remain expansionary.

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Financial Models: What You Should Know

Financial Models: What You Should Know

Financial modeling is a powerful tool that – when leveraged correctly – can boost your institution’s ability to make educated decisions. Its benefits, attested to by the Corporate Finance Institute, include increasing general…

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Balancing Function and Conservatism

Balancing Function and Conservatism – Performance Monitoring on AML/BSA and Fraud Models

Deploying software to monitor for potential money laundering or fraud is a simple way that a bank can improve its ability to identify and report illicit activity while at …

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