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Nathaniel Eidt

Meet the Team: Nathaniel Eidt

Nathanial Eidt is a Senior Director of Business Development and Sales at MountainView Risk & Analytics. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, he works remotely with clients all over the country, putting his expertise in deposit analysis and interest rate risk to use. He manages relationships with clients and facilitates learning about various MVRA products…

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Improving Model Interpretability Using Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis is one of the more sophisticated approaches that we employ here at MountainView Risk & Analytics, but we’ve found it to be a powerful way to better understand and interpret model behaviors and their impact downstream…

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Meet the Team: Della Zheng

Meet the Team: Della Zheng

With over six years on the Mountain View Risk & Analytics team, Della Zheng is an integral part of our success serving as the leader …

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Deposit Market Snapshot: August2021

Deposit Market Snapshot: August 2021

The state of the economy looked strong last quarter, and that general outlook continues. GDP is growing at a relatively rapid rate and has almost …

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Valuing Core Deposits: Balance vs Accounts Methodologies

Valuing Core Deposits: Balance vs Accounts Methodologies

How valuable is your valuation? When it comes to financial institutions valuing their core deposits, all is not necessarily equal. The Advanced Assessment Methodology (AAM) …

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