Della Zheng

Senior Vice President

Della Zheng leads the MVRA deposit modeling and loan analytics production teams. Ms. Zheng focuses her team on the delivery of high-quality and well-researched statistical analyses as well as in-depth reviews of core deposit and loan prepayment portfolios. She drives research and documentation initiatives that consistently improves the company’s deposit modeling and analytics functions.

Ms. Zheng joined MVRA in 2015 from OneWest Bank, bringing a wide range of skills and expertise in the development, implementation and validation of various types of financial models. At OneWest Bank, Della served as Vice President of the Financial Modeling group, Asset Liability Committee (ALM) Group, Asset Liability Committee (Forecasting) Group, and the Model Control Group.

Ms. Zheng holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Zhejiang University (China), a Master’s degree in Mathematical Finance/Financial Engineering from Fudan University (China), and a Ph.D. degree in Urban Planning from University Southern California.

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