CDI & Other Valuations

At MountainView, we help you go beyond ASC 805 compliance.

We give you a precise estimation of value by applying advanced methodology to the unique factors of your acquired accounts. We then give you a comprehensive set of deliverables to help you report and defend the valuation.

CDI Valuation Services

- Core Deposit Intangible Valuation Analysis

- CD Valuation Analysis

- Entity Valuation

Over 25 Years

Over 25 years of experience valuing deposits utilizing patented advanced valuation methodology

Managing Deposit Pricing to Mitigate Balance Sheet Risk: A Definitive Guide

Attracting and keeping deposits is always challenging in a highly competitive environment. COVID-19 is presenting an array of new trials related to monitoring deposit pricing, as well as creating an effective model to govern pricing strategy and mitigate risk. This guide looks at best practices in data-gathering and model design for institutions, particularly banks and credit unions with assets from $250 million to $2 billion.

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